When I first started out as a photographer I was shooting a lot of headshots. I was doing some trade work with model agencies with “Fresh Faces” and was able to practice my techniques on my husband. Over the years I’ve found my rhythm when it comes to taking a successful headshot. If this is something you’re struggling with, here are my top 3 tips!




Tip 1: Clothing
When you’re planning the shoot with your subject they may be new to this or a seasoned actor. If this happens to be the subjects first headshot session you may need to help them pick out clothing. It’s always a good to keep the clothing simple and neutral. Any extra embellishments can be distracting.





Tip 2: Background
Just like the clothing, you want to keep your background just as simple. If you’re shooting out on location, look for a plain wall or a solid color background. If you’re going to be shooting in a studio, use a seamless or other background that is a solid color. Depending what your subject needs these for, that will determine what color is best. You don’t want to take any attention away from your subject. After all they want the casting director to see how great they are in one photo!





Tip 3: Lighting
Lighting is key! During a headshot session is not the time to practice dramatic lighting. I bet you can guess what I’ll say next? Keep it simple! Look for a location that has even lighting. You don’t want any harsh shadows to fall on their face. My go-to is a garage in my neighborhood that has a big white house across from it to act as a large bounce light!





For more tips check out this video of me shooting head shots of my hubby!

Tutorial - Shooting Headshots



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