You’ve been asking, so girl we’re tellin!

Wedding photography is such a fun thing to do, right?

Well, we’re gonna go over some things you definitely need to know before stepping anywhere near that aisle! Like to go in OVER-prepared. It can be nerve-wracking to realize you have only one chance to get certain shots and there’s no going back. However, with these few tips you’ll be photoshoot ready in no time.

1. Take a Back-Up Shooter
…or two. Never, never, EVER try to shoot a wedding alone. There are too many varying factors in an event of all sizes and you don’t want to miss the smile on the groom’s face because you were busy at shooting the flower girl’s timid little entrance, or vice versa.

Ask another photographer you trust to come along and shoot things you might miss. You’ll also need the extra help with rounding up the attendants and getting everyone into position for post-wedding photos.

2. Take a Back-Up Camera
And battery, and flash, and… everything!!
This is one of the photo tips that is just as important as having a back-up shooter. You’ll want at least one more camera and extra accessories in your bag for a couple of reasons. First of all, you never know when technology will fail you. What if your camera stops working while the bride is walking down the aisle and that’s your last shot? Honestly, a nightmare. It’s good to have a different lens on the back-up camera so that instead of changing out lenses for different shots, you can just grab the other camera and never miss an important moment.

3. Prepare a Shot List
You will thank us for this one later. Not only should you make a list of poses you need to remember, you’ll want to get the bride and groom to make a list as well. Most brides have some ideas of some shots they want of their attendants or of them and their grooms, so be sure to include them in your list.

One of the best ways we’ve found to do this is by creating a Pinterest group board where the couple and their families can pin images of shots they love. You can then add them to your list and everyone will be pleased!

4. Invest in Some Off-Camera Lighting
If the setting allows, make sure you have purchased and practiced with some off-camera lights and stands, or at the very least, an upgraded flash. Lighting in churches is often pretty dim, especially during ceremonies, so you’ll need something to compensate!

5. Practice in the Venue
If at possible, you’ll want to visit the venue a week or more ahead of time and practice photographing some of your own objects or models with the lighting that will be available during the event. Take all the lighting you own and experiment with setting it up in different places. You’ll want to make sure it’s set up somewhere out of the way so that it doesn’t interfere with the aesthetics of the setting.

It’s also a good idea to take the bride along during this process since she will have some strong opinions about how the set-up looks and feels. You can also use her for one of your models for the pre-shoot practice. You may even come away with some photos worthy of her album. Lots of brides love to capture moments leading up to the big event.

Bonus Tip

You’ll find your photo shoot will go much better if you begin with a relaxed and confident attitude. As long as you prepare for every possible situation, take extra equipment and employ plenty of help the event will go much better than you woulda guessed!  And if you remain calm, the bride is more likely to stay calm, and that’s the factor that will make or break your success!

Now, go show us the lovvvvvvvee!



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