Sheri Holloway Photography

Sheri Holloway is a Wedding Photographer that captures extraordinary stories for joyful romantic couples!

Taking a look through her gallery we were in aw! She captures such beautiful photos and her passion shines through her lens!

“My work is my life, but when i’m not working you can find me with my husband and 3 girls, in the garden, at the yoga studio, kayaking down a creek, or out to lunch with friends! I believe there’s beauty to be found in each day, and I seek to celebrate it. We are currently starting to build our dream home after years of planning it’s finally becoming a reality! The compliment I get over and over is that I make my clients feel comfortable, and beautiful in front of my camera, not only are they captivated by my photography, but I create a positive and joyful experience when capturing their love!” -Seri Holloway

You can tell that her clients are so happy with her work, and we’re so happy to have her here as a member at TIC!
We love your work Sheri! Keep inspiring us!

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