Oh Honey, Bee Inspired

Sarah & Alissa

@OHBIOFFICIAL www.ohhoneybeeinspired.com/

“[Our] blog has been dedicated to showcasing a creative and inspired life. We are a couple of twenty somethings who love to dream, create, and laugh. We hope after visiting our blog you are inspired and roused to create your own love for life.

If all we can be is ourselves, why not be exactly who we want to be?”

Sarah and Alissa are California based bloggers dedicated to showcasing a creative & inspired life

On their blog you can find outfit inspiration, empowering words, DIYs and adventure locations!
Two BFFS running a blog? Sounds like a dream come true!

“OHBI started out as an ambiguous daydream (that was talked about longer than I’d like to admit) until one day Alissa made the website and set a fire under my fanny. I’ll forever be greatful for her and for our friendship/partnership. With every post we create it honestly gives my mind the vitality it has always craved. Now that we have this creative outlet to express and share our thoughts there’s no looking back! ” – Sarah

“Developing another creative space has been so good for my soul. I am such an advocate for our generation owning and expressing our creativity. It may not be fashion, DIY projects, or music but we all are creative in our own way and it is so important to cultivate and express it. It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you are organized, focused, and passionate about something. Also, it helps to have a partner who is beyond compare, Sarah. “ -Alissa

Check out their blog here!


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