Denise Gomez Photography


Denise Gomez is a lifestyle and portrait photographer based in Orlando, FL. She’s dedicated to capturing
all those precious moments you’ll share with your loved ones! Denise shared with us one of her biggest challenges in taking the leap towards photography and how she never looked back! Denise said,

“My biggest challenge in my career was taking the leap of faith, getting out
of my comfort zone and forgetting what everyone would have to say about me in starting this venture into photography. I got a 50mm lens and overcome my fear, gained faith and knew I could overcome not only what people would say about me but knew I could turn my dreams to reality after my first shoot!”.

We loved that Denise took the leap necessary to achieve her goals! She also shared a sweet tip for her fellow TIC ladies,

“Believe, focus and be true to yourself. There is no one like you in the world and the world is waiting. Become your dream”.

Such a genuine goal to keep in mind when owning your own business!

Where does Denise see herself in 5 years?

Following her love of photography and being part of her client’s lives. She wants to show the world that you are not your circumstances, and we are who we choose to be!

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