Did you miss last months course??

Don’t worry girl, we’ll go over some quick basics you should know about writing a mission statement for your biz!

First off, what the heck is a mission statement?

Don’t worry girl we got you covered!

A mission statement is a formal summary of the aims and

values of a company, organization or individual.

Check out TIC’s Mission Statement

“To INSPIRE and EMPOWER female entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality and CREATE the life they want to live”

Second, why is it important?

Determines company’s direction

Focuses on the company’s future

Provides a template for decision making

Shapes Strategy

Now ladies, if you wanna learn more about Mission Statements you gotta check out this course!

We go over why having a mission statement is SO important for your booming biz and have some activities, examples and a

downloadable in store for you so you can create your very own

while following along the course!!

Access the course by clicking here!



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