Creating your Instagram Bio

When creating your bio you’ll want to keep it short, sweet and to the point.
Since your bio is the first thing people read when they come to your page, please make sure you bio tells your audience what you’re all about!
Instead of using sentences, really focus on words that pop and that show who you really are.
Words such as fashion blogger, photographer, fitness enthusiast, wellness specialist, etc.
You can also include your location so that people can get a better feel for who you are or where your business is located!

Do: Mobile Bio Aesthetic

Have you ever wondered… how do people get their bio to look more organized with the words all aligned?


“Top community for female entrepreneurs turning their dreams into their reality.

?LA, Cali.
?Like our Facebook Page to connect with us!
Well, log into your Insta account on the desktop and press “enter” every time you want to start a new sentence or element to your IG bio!
Trust us… your audience will thank you!

Do: The All-Important Hashtag

YES! That’s right you can use live hashtag links in your bio #blessed!

If you or your biz  identify with a specific hashtag you can put it in your bio and people will be able to see what you’re all about!

So definitely put #weddingphotographer but stay away from utilizing too many in your bio, as it naturally comes off as too much!

Do: Instagram Story Highlights

IG highlights sit right under your bio, and gives your audience a visual of what you’re all about!
Girl listen to us when we say, “UTILIZE THEM”!
Get crafty and make some cute logos/choose colors for your story highlights and choose from your archives!
Categorize them, publish them and show us who you are!

Do: Definitely @YourOtherBiz or @YourOtherAccounts in your bio

Girl, do you have more than one account?
Let us know what it is in your bio and we’ll be able to click between your different accounts!
It’s a handy tool Insta let happen this year and we’re so thankful!

Social Media can be tricky, but don't worry! We got your back 100%!
We have a course ALL about using Instagram for your biz!

Wanna learn more? Check it out here.



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