We’re gonna share with you some different ways to prepare for a photo shoot. A few of you ladies have reached out with this question and there’s so much more than just having your camera, girl!

Have a Checklist

Creating a checklist of what equipment you need to take with you on every shoot seems silly but believe us when we say, “it’s so helpful”! We’ve all had time where we have left memory cards by the computer or batteries on the charger, and it totally ruins the whole flow of the photoshoot. Writing down a physical list to make sure you have all the camera gear, lenses, props, and permits (if needed) will deffs’ put your mind at ease!

Find Inspiration

When preparing for a shoot looking at the Pinterest boards we’ve created help gather some great inspo! Some of our MAJOR inspiration is fashion– take the time to look through fashion magazines. It could be the latest issue of Vogue or even a Whole Foods magazine! You can find inspiration in anything! Your models may not be professional but utilizing the inspiration gathered previously can help with the littlest detail into a shoot!

Their time, not yours

Chances are when you meet with your clients for the first time to capture real and authentic moments from them, it might be nerve wracking. When showing up to a shoot it doesn’t matter what bad thing may have just happened, you need to show up and be prepared for your clients. You can’t be thinking about something dramatic that life might have just thrown at you. It’s important to show up with an open heart and cleared mind, because you want your clients to be just as transparent as you are! Even if you just had an argument with your beau take some time to put your mind at ease. This is their time, not yours!

We hope these few tips help you prepare for your next photo shoot! Do you have anything you do to inspire yourself before a shoot?! Share in the comments, we’d love to hear about them!



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