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Learning how to WordPress requires a lot of outside help. At the most basic level, WordPress themes have widgets built in and users are encouraged to download extras in the form of plugins. Learning about the widgets bar in the “Appearance” dashboard tab should be your top priority in seeking WordPress help.

The “Appearance” tab is where WordPress site owners spend the majority of their time. This tab allows full control of the site’s aesthetic value, but it also allows users to customize their widget usage. When most users are learning how to WordPress, they learn about the most essential features of the widget tab: widgets add personalized style to your website, every theme comes with pre-installed widgets and millions of widgets can be downloaded to add custom functionality to your site.

For example, many blogging lessons point to popular widgets that help users with search engine optimization. These plugins will give you an expanded view of your website’s analytics, make suggestions for rearranging the text on your pages and generally help you bring more viewers to your site. Unfortunately, those who are just learning how to blog may be shocked to learn the price of certain premium widgets. It’s not uncommon to pay hefty subscription fees for the most effective widget services on the market.

WordPress widgets that are designed for public visibility can be placed in several areas throughout your theme. The default WordPress themes, for example, give designated space for widgets in the footer of every page. When you’re picking a theme for your eventual site, it’s important to consider your widget usage: you may need a theme that prioritizes visible widgets. Most modern themes provide ample opportunity for widget placement, but again — those themes may come at a considerable price.

Last, WordPress adds to the confusion by referring to several of its built-in features as widgets. In fact, the text editor is the site’s most popular widget. This widget allows users to enter and edit their text or HTML before publishing it to their blogs. Since WordPress is developed in an open source environment, it’s important to remember that basic features are programmed as widgets.

Anyone who is just learning how to blog should feel comfortable with WordPress widgets before moving on to other topics. On your journey through WordPress help, it’s important to remember that widgets are the bread and butter of every WordPress site. You can download more in the form of plugins, but your basic functionality is already coming from a handful of built-in widgets.

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