Do you ever feel frustrated that things in your life or business are not happening as quickly as you would like?  Things in our modern age are happening so fast, with one click of a button you can have anything at your doorstep within hours or at the latest a day or two. We are all speeding through traffic frantically rushing to get to the next red light. Our brains have been rewired to expect that our desires should be instantaneously satisfied but life doesn’t always work that way.  

Things in the natural world take time.  LIFE and CREATIVITY is a PROCESS filled with many different phases and each stage consists of a plethora of little details and sequences, actions and reactions that need to happen until finally one day it will all come to fruition. But the process never ever really ends. Everything in life is a part of the next thing that is developing.  Our life’s journey is much more intricate than we can fathom.

The key is to be fascinated with your own unique life and follow the bliss of what inspires you.  It is so important that we are doing things for the right reasons,  seeking the joy of doing what we love and not pursuing things just because we are frantically trying to keep up with what everyone else is doing. It is so easy in this world of Instagram to compare our lives to others, to want what they have and to feel like a failure totally discontent with our journey. Believe me no matter how much you are doing or accomplishing it will always appear that someone has a better life and is doing more.  

The key is to be in sync with our own natural process, to see and appreciate what has happened and is happening and not be angry or frustrated with what isn’t. We must go with our own creative flow which like water is always looking for the most open path to flow through. When we fight and struggle against the process, we constrain ourselves and the harder things become but when we are truly enjoying what we are doing then great things will continue to happen more freely and with ease.  

Great things are happening right now because you are great and you are happening right now. You are a constantly blossoming flower and each day you are blooming with even more brilliance.  Keep going, flowing, growing and glowing. 



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