Instagram keeps changing it up on us!

Have you ladies been aware of the new update to the Instagram algorithm with hashtags? #whyinstawhy

Like everyone else has heard before the idea was to put about max 3o relating hashtags in your captions or comments to gain the most exposure for your content, but now it’s totally changed!

if you want to beat the algorithm and get more exposure to your followers  it’s now best to stick to about 4 hashtags max in your photo captions! SO make them count!

Also, make sure they represent what the image is actually about!

What are the 3 top things you think about when you view your own image? Or what do you want it to mean?

30 hashtags in a post can now be picked up as spam. Spam = shadow banning.

There is no for sure hot spot on the hashtags, but people say that they seem to have better luck with about unique hashtags.

So what does that mean? Lots of trials to run through!

Make sure to check your image’s insights to see if people are finding your content through those hashtags and take note at which ones got the most results!

Let us know in the comment which hashtags or techniques worked best for you!

Now, until the next IG algorithm update, stay inspired.



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