It is so sad and frustrating to hear another human being say, ” Oh I am not creative” because it simply is not true. We ALL have the have the power to create and we are creating constantly whether we recognize it or not. We have the ability to literally create castles for ourselves while we also have the power to create hypothetical prisons. It really comes down to us being conscious of how we are using the power of our imagination.

Have you ever heard the saying that “your thoughts become things”? Look around you, everything in our human world started with an idea. All of the technology and tools we have came from inspiration and ideas. We are constantly having these ideas, some of them come in the form of possibilities and some come in the form of fear and anxiety.  The tragic aspect of life is that for whatever reason we tend to want to believe in the worst and invest more time in entertaining ideas of doubt and worry instead of giving ourselves completely to the ideas of what’s possible.

The Inspired Club was born from an idea and a desire to create a community where we nurture one another and share in the belief that we can use our imagination and the power of our creativity to truly have the life that we want. Creativity is an ongoing process.  We must constantly be feeding off inspiration so that doubt and worry don’t eat away at us and consume our dreams.

TIC is here to encourage you. Watch the tutorials. Creatively see what’s possible right in the palm of your hand. Make a plan. Take action. Create something, whether it’s a shoot, or a maybe it’s your website or a blog or maybe it’s reaching out to another artist to create a collaboration. Imagine something that can help you grow as an artist and entrepreneur and go and make it happen. Nothing can stop you unless you let it.  Don’t let yourself stop yourself. Feed off all of the many reasons WHY instead of paying attention to the one or 2 reasons why not. YOU ARE A CREATOR. CREATE ART, CREATE LOVE, CREATE INSPIRATION, CREATE PLANS, CREATE PROSPERITY. YOU CAN, YOU MUST, YOU WILL DO IT AND DO IT JOYFULLY.







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