If you’re anything like us, you definitely have struggled trying to find THE perfect apps to edit on your phone.

Let’s face it, we don’t all have our computers on deck when we have captured the perfect photo from our phones and need to post it our Instagram like ASAP.

So, we have compiled a short list of phone photo editing apps that you need to download to step up your phone editing!

Lightroom CC

THAT’S RIGHT! Lightroom has a phone app, and we’re so surprised more people don’t know about it!

If you have a certain preset that you like to use on your images to keep up with your feed, it’s at the touch of your fingertips if you have this app!

Thank goodness Adobe has blessed up with this!

(There’s also a photoshop app too! hehe!)


If you haven’t tried VSCO then girl, you better get to downloading!

This app comes not only with just the basic photo editing, but a TON of presets and filters to make your own and edit with!

It’s so fun because there are SO many possibilities that you can create, and also share with a community on VSCO.

Seriously, the best!


This app has so many possibilities! Trust us girl, you NEED it!

The editing possibilities are amazing on this are endless!

You can focus in on any part of the photo and really hone in on what you want to enhance!

Alright ladies, have fun with these apps and let us know some of your favs!

Photo editing APPS are seriously life savers when you’re on the go!

(Kinda like us hehe!)

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