Listen girl, building an email list is one of the strongest moves a business owner can do for their business.

If you’re looking to develop your business, maintain a strong customer base and get more customers, a thriving email marketing list will be a really helpful part of the equation. Consider these tips to help you reach this goal.

1. Mobile-Friendly
As a business owner, it’s always important to remain current with the times. In the world of marketing, it’s even better to stay ahead of the curve and be a trendsetter. Currently, more people are accessing their emails through mobile devices than desktops. Knowing this, it’s best to consider your mobile audience and make them your top priority. Though this should be standard, mobile-friendly emails aren’t the norm for every business to send out. Make sure it’s formatted well for the mobile user. If you want your followers to take a specific action, make it as easy as possible for them. Take a note from Amazon. Amazon has one button making shopping easy as pie. Do the same for those on your email list with opt-in buttons for different funnels. It’s also wise to make sure your website has an opt-in button for easy access to the email list.


2. Regular Contact
If you think that sending an email once a month is going to cut it, think again. So much can happen in a month. If your followers sign up for your list on the 1st of the month and don’t receive an email until the 21st of the month, chances are they’ll look at the email and think it’s spam. So much happens in the span of one week. Don’t let a week go by without being in regular contact with your followers. When people sign up, they should immediately receive a welcome email that tells them more about what they should expect from you regarding correspondence. If there’s anything to prioritize, regular and consistent communication is one of them.

3. Webinars and Live Streaming
Webinars are excellent for marketing and sharing what your business has to offer. As a photographer, decide who you’d like to clientele to be. If you’re looking for a client base of fashion bloggers who will need the services of a photographer, create a webinar that’ll speak directly to them and their needs. The ideal webinar might cover tips on finding and working with a photographer to create quality photos on a budget. If your client base is comprised of aspiring photographers, do a webinar that teaches them the top five tools to always use to become a better photographer. If you’re positioning yourself as a teacher to photographers, you’ll always have a base. Provide informational value surrounding your product or service you provide.

4. Collaborations & Guest Appearances
There’s a blog, website and podcast for every niche imaginable. Make a list of podcasts you’d like to appear. Make a list of websites you’d like to do a guest post for. Once you’ve created the list, pitch each connection. Make sure that their audience could greatly benefit from what you have to offer. This is a great way to get your name and the business in front of new audiences.

5. Funnels & Landing Pages
When you do guest appearances on podcasts and other blogs, always redirect the users to a landing page. Make sure the landing page has a memorable URL so that your potential followers can find you. Furthermore, it’s important to use funnels because they’ll direct your followers to offers you have available. It’s also good to have funnels so that you can automatically upsell your clients. It’s a great way to make money and keep things running on automation. This is one of those methods that will allow you to make money in your sleep.

When it comes to email marketing, internet marketers suggest that the money is in the list. This means that the more people you have on your list that are responsive, the more money you’ll generate in your business. Be consistent with these efforts and don’t be afraid to tweak and customize your strategies.


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