Are you currently in a creative slump and you feel like you need a jump start? I feel you, it happens from time to time! My advice is always to shoot everyday! But sometimes we just don’t know what to shoot. Well, I’m hear to tell you that you don’t need to rely on having a model or a makeup team or anybody for that matter. There are simple ways for you to be creative, train your eye and work on your composition without making it a group effort.  Here are 5 creative photo ideas to keep your finger clickin’ away!

1: Create a Layout with a Feminine Feel

For this challenge, use items you find around your home! This could be as simple as styling your jewelry on top of your dresser with a few flowers that you have sitting on the dining room table. Go ahead, and unleash your inner girly girl!

2: Create a Layout with a Masculine Vibe

For this layout you’re going to do exactly what you did in the previous challenge, this time just create the layout with a masculine vibe. If you have a man around the house, whether he is a significant other or roommate, grab some of their things and start composing. An easy layout to create would be a men’s fashion look. Use their tie, pocket squares, socks, watches, etc to create a graphic composition. Another tip, shoot on a dark surface! This could be a dark wood, cement or a dark fabric.

3: Take a Selfie

The concept of selfies has been around long before smart phones were in everyone’s hands, they were formerly known as “self portraits!” As photographers we spend all our time behind the camera snapping photos of others. Try turning the camera around on yourself. It is a great way to jump out of your comfort zone and maybe learn something about yourself that you didn’t already know!

4: Food

Do I take pictures of my food? Guilty as charged! When I shoot food, I love to photograph it from the top. Similar to the previous layout challenges, you can also tell a story with your food layouts! Are you at dinner with a group of people and bowls are being passed around. This could be a great interaction shot to give a “still life” a little movement!

5: Take a Walk!

This may be the easiest one yet but not what we always think about doing. Simply take a walk around your neighborhood! Find something that catches your attention. For me, I have a lot of great doors in my neighborhood so I love to get shots of those! This could be a project where you document your neighbors or take in the beauty or grit and grime!

There you have it, 5 tips to keep training your eye! I’d love to hear if you have any other favorites when you find yourself in a creative slump!



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