When shooting “normal” people, it can be hard to capture their real emotion.  If they’re not full time models it can be very nerve wrecking!

Tip 1:  Location Location Location!

Choose a location that is a little more secluded with less foot traffic.  This way it will allow your subject to feel more at ease not feel like there is a crowd watching.

Tip 2:  Give Them Something to Do.

The best way to show emotion is to give your subject something to do.  If you’re shooting a couple, maybe have them dance together.  This way they can get lost in each other and forget the camera is even there.  Or simply have the subject walk around as if they’re taking a stroll with their best friend.

Tip 3: Connect

Talk with your subject!  Ask them to tell you a story about how they met their significant other.  Or ask them about a trip they recently went on.  Get them talking, this will help them relax and feel like they’re just hanging out with a friend.

Tip 4: Stay Strapped

Always have your camera in your hand!  This way you wont miss a moment.  If you’re walking to a new location and you notice something cute is happening, you’ll be ready to capture the moment!  This will show a true moment that will be appreciated forever!

Capturing real emotion is simply done by connecting with your subject.  Meet with them prior at a coffee shop and discuss what they’re looking for and just to get to know each other.  This will keep everyone at ease and feel more like your hanging out rather than being photographed!



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