Have you ever fallen in love with a photo so much and wondered how in the world was it created? The popularity of Behind The Scenes (or as we like to call them Behind the Shoot) videos & photos have caught on with almost every production. For some companies it’s their way of having a new marketing tool or for photographers it’s simply a way to show their fans and/or potential clients how much work went into a single image. It’s also a great way to show how awesome it is to be a photographer!






The second most important thing to capture; the action! Get different angles of the light setup. Be a fly on the wall when art directors are explaining their vision for the day. Capture the photographer directing their talent into position. These are all things that will add interest for the viewer who doesn’t get to work on set everyday! Keep in mind some photographers like to keep their setups a secret, so make sure to speak with them about how much they want to have shown.






Interactions! It’s one of the biggest reasons why most clients want some form of BTS. Behind the scenes is a great was for potential clients to see how a photographer or director will interact with their talent and crew. Are they super energetic? Are they all about business? Do they have a great relationship with the talent? People want to see that and see that you’re someone they would enjoy working with!






Capturing the interactions of the crew and talent and all the hubbub of what is happening during the production is key! However, like any good film there should be a little bit of b-roll to help slow things down a bit. If you’re shooting on location, get some shots of the view. Or if you’re in the studio, capture the space before everything is set up. (Even the sign of the studio, they like to get credit too!)  Another thing to snag some b-roll of are things like the wardrobe and hair and make up products. Companies love seeing when their products are being used on set!



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